Dame Of Jesus Peace Says God Is In The Gathering

People are the blood of our existence.

Our system demands that we be busy, and there's nothing wrong with busyness. But when we are too busy for the people that we say we love it should occur to us as wrong as touching a hot stove. 

Essentially busyness is a trump card. We all have things to do. When you say that you're busy with work, school... your art who in their right mind would challenge that? It gives you an automatic pass to play as small as you feel like. You no longer get to be creative in terms of making a solution. You get a pass. But at what cost? The cost of being estranged and eventually separated altogether from those who you once couldn't do without. That's not good and that's not God. The father is inclusive. As he told his disciples:

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. 

God Is In The Gathering

Don't let "No Time" become a legitimate excuse this year. Find time. Because it is often when there is no more time left that we wish we would've found time. If it's possible to find time... when we admit that we can't we are simultaneously admitting that we're not being creative enough.

Don't judge the value of an activity by how easy it is to perform it. This week, do something that scares you.This week ,do something that makes you uncomfortable.We often delay seeing people because they live too far away. Then we lament when the grave makes that distance all the more farther.  Life and the ones that live in it are waiting on you to say yes.