Home Is You

There's something so blissfully sweet about home. Home is, euphoric... It's intrinsic to human nature. Home, not necessarily as in our place of residence, but home, as in the place where we belong. The place where we fit like a threaded screw in it's groove, just right. Home is the person, place, or thing that we occupy, but that also occupies us, in a seamless and reciprocal whirlwind like relationship. For me home is music, home is Hip Hop. I rarely feel closer to God than when I am immersed in writing, recording, performing music. Home is my wife. She is me, and I am her. Our bond is tighter than the sound of silence, and as vast as the dark space behind shut eyes. Home is my children. They are love personified, joy exemplified, and faith uncompromising. Home is God. Where I rest as if suspended in mid air, floating in the fullness of his presence. This is where I belong. This is where I fit. This is home. 

Home Is You Social Media Challenge

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When I think of home I think of you... _____________________ https://soundcloud.com/jpministrynyc/home-is-you-randy-mason-prod-by-nick-collabo