The Miry Muck Of The Mind Pt.1

Tsunami Of Thought

I used to think that I thought too much. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Now that I think of it, I think I was wrong.

Beneath my cap, cut, and cranium is a Christ size canyon, a canal, a channel, a chasm. A stream of consciousness that flows into a cerebral colosseum where conflicting characters, concepts, and convictions cumulate, crash and collide like waves in a tsunami of thought. The surrounding stands are a sea of sound made up of a single soul, where the division and dimensions of one man make up a crowd. Like opposing fans, and wretched rivals the many voices of my inner ventriloquist cheer, chant, curse, and cry. I can hear the child in me, and the man in me, the victim in me, and the victor in me; I can hear the coward in me, and the champion in me. All calling out at once, making a melody like chimes in the wind. The mental mountains of mud make it hard for a man to move. Like running in a dream. How can we manage to get unstuck from the miry muck of the mind? I understand there are many levels to mental illness, depression, anxiety, and all else that plague the mind of men, women, and children alike and I in no way intend to undermine the severity, and complexity of it all. Instead, my desire is to make much of the map and method that work for me as I wrestle with similar monsters. I hope that together we can mop up the mess and make better use of the mysterious, miraculous, human mainframe we call the mind. 

Waste is a terrible thing to Mind

This mind of mine much like my tongue, is quite the task to tame. I think, and think, and think, and think, and think myself insane. 

Too often we become people paralyzed by a mind full of mine fields. Oh what a warehouse of worry the mind wishes to be. Hasn't it desired the dungeon of depression? Asked for an assembly of anxiety? How pitiful is it's preference to permeate pain! Where else has such doubt derived from? Breeding brokenness in a bed of bitterness, simmering in a sea of sin, hollering in a hollow hall of hurt, it tarries in the tower of torment, only to descend into an alley of anger, wander the wilderness of want, considering a covetous course, just to journey a jaded jungle, and wash up on the shore of shame. What a waste it is to mind such treacherous things. The mind of man must be reborn, restored, rebuilt, redeemed, remixed, renewed!  

The Mind of Christ

Of all the voices in my head there's one that quiets the the rest. I'm finally free from the prison of self.

How fitting is it that only you know my thoughts? God, you wired my brain in such a way that its invisible ink is only legible to you. Perhaps you knew the miry muck of the mind that I would find myself stuck in, and made provision in advance to establish my thoughts appropriately. Isn't it ironic that you would set me free, even from myself, then proceed to hold me, and keep me captive in you? I know it's foolishness to my friends whose minds are still stuck in the mud, but are not my wounds a witness of how you wash me in your Word? How even my mind has been reborn, and renewed, and rerouted to think on these things that are true, and noble, and just, and pure, and lovely, and of good report, and on things that are virtuous, and praise worthy? What a wonderful world you wrought within the walls of my mind. Some think I am preaching idealistically, and perhaps I am because you Lord are perfect, and promise to perfect that which concerns me. If you keep me in perfect peace, why preach otherwise? Lord I still get stuck but I know that I'm never stranded, I strive but I am no longer shackled. I am no longer bound though I have bouts, perhaps I am still fractured but I am no longer fallen. How is this possible?  Who can even understand these things? But I have the MIND OF CHRIST.  

Step One:

What is the map and method I referred to earlier? It is found in God, and His word. The first step is to yield to the mind of Christ, being transformed by the word of God as revealed through the scripture. As believers in our Lord Jesus Christ let us daily adopt the mind of Christ. There is no greater foundation to build on than that of Christ. This is where I start. Where I begin each morning. Reminding myself of this very thing. Though depression, anxiety, fear, worry, lust, and all other kinds of filth wish to settle in my head, I remember these things have no home here. My mind belongs to Christ. Things contrary to Christ may sneak in, pass through, or by, like a neighbor, or a thief would a house, but none can remain. Birds will fly over, but none will be welcome here, none can build their nest here, none can reproduce after it's own kind here. None.

Here is one way that I follow the map and method of the Messiah. Each day, often multiple times a day I pray out-loud a paraphrase of 4 scriptures combined. This is, by the power of God what keeps me from the miry muck of the mind, and renews my mind daily. I encourage you to memorize the following or a version of it as I have. Here it is: 

I cast down my imagination, and hold each thought captive to the righteousness of God. I have the mind of Christ, and God's righteousness within me. I pray that the words of my mouth, and the mediation of my heart will be pleasing in your sight.  (2 Cor. 10:5, 1 Cor. 2:16, 2 Cor. 5:21, Psalm 19:14)

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing. God bless! -Randy Mason 

Psalm 40:2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.