The Miry Muck Of The Mind Pt.2

I thought I'd be better by now. Looks like I'm still working it out. Perhaps I'm just learning to walk out, what's already been worked out. 

Wearisome Waters

This very day, even this very moment, the devil's drones of depression have desired to destroy the divine duty that I've been designed and destined to do. Succumbing to the miry muck of the mind is detrimental not only to myself, but to my sphere of influence. Considering the surety of my salvation, perhaps the latter is far more concerning. Make no mistake, we are not saved to serve ourselves, but God and our neighbor. Consider it no coincidence then, that the deep depths of depression swiftly swirl into a sea of selfishness, where only the selFISH swim, where relationSHIPS, FriendSHIPS, worSHIP, and discipleSHIP are ship wrecked, and washed up on the shore of the unsure. 

I'm already there, couldn't risk getting to heaven late. 

I Am Even As I Am Becoming 

Progress is a process. This requires profound perseverance, and patience for the pilgrim on the path to perfect peace. How great a gift it is, that we're granted the grace to experience the goal along the way! I am, even as I am becoming. How is this possible? Only by that eternal substance by which the world was wrought into existence, that liturgical love language of The Lord, that which without it is impossible to please God, and by it all things become possible, that is, FAITH; Which is the shield that is able to quench the fiery darts of the enemy. Even that dreadful dart of depression.

The Fabric of Faith

The dichotomy of faith is fascinating. To have, and to hope for the same thing at the same time is equally delightful as it is dumfounding. Even more fun to fathom is how the first finds the ladder, to the latter. Believing we have, is the highway to having what we hope for. Believing that we are, is the avenue to acquiring that which we believe. What a waste it is to wonder -when? The error in our internal investigation is determining our findings based upon our feelings. Feelings are far too fickle to follow. Our freedom, our healing, our wellness is now, as well as it is then. The force of faith transcends the tyrant of time. If it is there, it is here. If it is then, it is now. Time will challenge your faith, but your faith will ultimately chasten time. Render your mind to be as the mind of Christ, by subscribing to the timeless truth of the one who is, and was, and is to come. 

His hands and feet were nailed to the cross. His thoughts were pierced with a crown of thorns. 

God is no stranger to the internal anguish we abhor. From a crown of thorns came the helmet of salvation. 

To what or whom do I owe my sanity? Much more my peace of mind? Not to myself, that's for sure. If it were left up to me I'd still be selfishly swimming, or better yet drowning, beneath all the wreckage. Perhaps my campaign for the cure in Christ will be perceived as naive, and even a bit ignorant. Forgive me if that is your impression, but my hope is indeed entirely in Christ, the great physician. I'm sure many God fearing Doctors would prescribe other forms of treatment for depression, even medication when necessary and that is fine by me. So long as the will of the doctor agrees with the will of our God, and that is to heal the sick. I'm sure some will read this and remark -"Sounds nice but It's easier said than done." To which I will reply, on the contrary, it's actually easier done when said. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. God did not blink light into a dark world, God spoke, "Let there be light." and there was light. Jesus never zapped anyone in order to heal them, rather he spoke to the sick and they recovered. Speak good things, Godly things, positive things, optimistic things, biblical things, faithful things. Let life giving words flow out of your mouth, and then back into your ears, and mind. Soon they'll settle and develop fresh thought patterns after their own kind. Consider reflecting on God's word, and the living letter that you are, to be the most effective and efficient anti-depressant in existence. Has God saved your soul from the grips of hell? If God can save you, God can heal you. 

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