A Poem By David Mason

God’s love NEVER FAILS

Still we put it to the TEST,

Wonder if He really love us

When He’s clearly stated:

I have loved you,

with an everlasting love;

And on the cross it was you I was thinking of.”-

Amazed for a moment,

Unphased in the next,

That’s the reason it’s important

That we stay in the text-


What the devil won’t tell you

And what the world don’t know,

Is that your heart will fail you

If to God you don’t go-


You were made for a love that only God can give;

I’m living proof of this truth

Look what God done did-

I’m a life that is changed by the message of the cross;

I’m still a lot of things

But no longer am I lost-

No longer am I bound,

No longer am I dead,

No longer am I blind,

I can see ahead-

Hallelujah to the LAMB;

The Lord Jesus Christ;

Who so loved the world

That He gave His very life-

Was put in a tomb

But then He rose again,

Which is the greatest proof

His love is greater than our sin-

So no matter where you are,

Where you’re going,

Where you’ve been;

If you believe in Jesus,

You are not condemned-

He won’t leave you when you need Him most,

He’s not that kind of friend.

He promised to be with you even to the very end.-

Hold to His hand,

With what little strength you have;

Introduce Him to your friends

Tell them He’s your better half-

And even if they laugh

That’s no reason to be mad

Just do everything you can

To help lead them to the Path-

We’re not perfect

But we’re pardoned

And are precious in His sight

And we practice what we preach

By giving praise to Him tonight.-

Cause a love as great as His

Deserves a response,

So tonight let’s get it right

And come running to His arms.

-David Mason