Dame Of Jesus Peace Is Ready To Throw Down!


A Worthy Fight

This weekend my lovely wife and I saw the movie "CREED." And like most movies that are about fighting it made me want to fight and train harder in my own life. One of the lines that screamed out to me the loudest (No Spoiler) was when Rocky told Adonis to look in the mirror. "See that guy?" He said. "That guy is Your biggest opponent. Not the guy you face off with in the ring. But you." I thought about all the ways I get in my own way and trip over my own feet. And I've decided to fight back against the defeat I bring to myself. How do we defeat ourselves? When we doubt ourselves. When we don't work as hard as we can for what we wish for. When we don't acknowledge our own progress. When we stop seeking alternate routes to accomplish our goals.

This week I invite you if you are willing to ask"In what way am I beating myself? And is it possible that just maybe, the fight isn't OUT THERE?

By his grace and a plan for your own life, you can win the battle against yourself.

Romans 8:37

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us