Two Legendary NYC Hip Hop Radio Shows Coming to an End This Week

After over two decades of Hip Hop radio in NYC both the Halftime Radio show, and Squeeze Radio are coming to an end.

These shows were both legendary in showcasing the dopest emcees, featuring the flyest freestyles, and interviews, playing quality Hip Hop, live mixing, cutting & scratching, and of course... Actin' a fool live on the radio! These guys were/are classic NYC Hip Hop, 100% pure. I obviously can't/don't endorse, subscribe or stand for everything they played,  but I do have nothing but love, and respect for these platforms, and the brothers who put it all together, Dj Eclipse Halftime Radio, and Dj Sucio Smash Squeeze Radio (Post Stretch & Bobbito.) Writing this is especially nostalgic as both these brothers showed me mad love, encouraged me, and gave me plenty opportunities to rock and shine through their platform. This is a gift I cherish. I remember listening to the show, and reading the playlist, star-struck by the list of phenomenal emcees, and thinking- Man, it would be so dope if one day my name was on this list. Eventually it would be. Both shows played my songs, and even invited me on the show for on air interviews, and freestyles. I made the cut for the best halftime radio show freestyles of the year two years in a row. I went head to head exchanging freestyles with the ultra talented Homeboy Sandman at Fat Beats records with Sucio on the turn tables, man- there are a bunch of dope hip Hop memories that included these brothers and, or their platform. I just want to say thank you. In my experience Eclipse and Sucio have been humble beasts; stand up dudes that I consider myself blessed to have shared the stage with in any capacity.

Of all the memories though, this one is the greatest.

In 2012, I dedicated my life to The Lord Jesus Christ. A lot of people I used to deal with in music didn't really know how to respond to this change in my life, and subsequently a few relationships seemed to dissolve over time. I kept in contact with Eclipse, and when I had new music I reached out. Without the slightest hesitation he invited me up to the show to talk about it. I wasn't sure what to expect in regards to the interview, but E was super sincere, and respectful, and just a tremendous blessing, graciously lending me his platform to share my life through music.  This action solidified Eclipse in my heart and eyes as a truly great brother. Here is a video from that night. 

I look forward to connecting with you in the future E, God bless. Sucio, you already know my bro, nothing but the best. Peace. #NYCHIPHOP