"So where do I start?" At the very end of the very last conversation I had with someone on the #2 train during #trainsformers ministry I was asked this question. In that moment my exhaustion became elation, I exhaled a sigh of relief, and with a joy and peace that can only be produced by a purpose succesfully fulfilled, I responded, "The book of John is a great place to start." Last week we were blessed to serve with our friends from Bethany Covenant Church New Hampshire, who after leading Vacation Bible Study for our kids at Elements church in the Bronx, also co-labored with us on the subway for #trainsformers ministry. Check out episode #6 below. Our hope is that you will share this with your people, and that you would join us in our effort to #trainsform NYC one train at a time. You can learn more about #TRAINSFORMERS by selecting the Transformers tab at the top of this web page. We love you!