Great Start For Hip Hoppin' HeART (NYC SCHOOL KIDS GIVE RAN & DAME AN A+)

As we prepare to wrap up the first official school year for the Hip Hoppin' HeART program we want to thank everyone who has supported our effort in any way. Shout out to our scholarly wives who keep us from being too artsy, and anchor us with much needed practical wisdom while still encouraging us to fly, and dream. Shout out to my mom who "Likes", "shares" & "retweets" all our social media posts before you do. Shout out to you, yes you! Thank you. Lastly and perhaps most importantly shout out to the educators who trust us to pour into their children, and to the children themselves who are a tremendous blessing, consistently exceeding our every expectation. We consider it an honor and privilege to do the work that we do (is that grammy music I hear?). We're super grateful and want to thank you for making it possible -(Wait, is that Sandman from the Apollo theatre!?) Okay, okay. That's all. Love you guys. 

So what do the kids have to say about the Hip Hoppin' HeART program? Check it out below. 

ISLA Middle School Hip Hoppin' HeART Review & Song With Dame B. Sanders. 

BCSC Hip Hoppin' HeART Medley With Randy (Mr. Hip Pop) Mason

"I love After School! The first few months I was in the Hip Hoppin' HeART Group with Mr. Mason. We all wrote lyrics and made a rap song, and I made new friends. Mr. Mason put all our lyrics together and created our song Worth More Than Gold" -BCSC Scholar

So what's next for Hip Hoppin' HeART? Well, a ton of fun and awesomeness obviously! More specifically a 6 week Hip Hoppin' HeART summer school program at Promise Church in Queens. There are plenty of exciting Rapventures on the horizon so be sure to stay tuned.