Once upon a time, a small boy exploring the big city of New York stood in the shadow of a towering sky scraper made of steel and glass. Face to face with this metal mountain, the boy stared intently at the structure in amazement. As the boy considered the building, his eyes like an elevator, started at the ground level and slowly ascended, scaling the building from floor to floor with the precision of Peter Parker. When the boy's eyes reached the top floor he was nearly floored at what he saw! Practically bent over backwards, the boy's eyes passed the tip of the tower and travelled further up into the sky beyond it. In that moment, a building that in the seconds prior had been amazing, had now become merely amusing in the presence of something infinitely greater, like a handmade prop standing in a nook of a grand theatre. The sky, is strong without steel, it glimmers and glows without glass, and its height, and length are immeasurable, encompassing the entire globe without seam. The boy had been amazed by the building that man made, until becoming aware of the sky that God made. What do we consider great? An athlete throwing a ball? A fast car? A musician? Perhaps a debt, or a fear. Sometimes I give my feelings far greater authority than they deserve, too often becoming a slave to each mood swing. Is our unforgiveness great? An addiction? Anxiety and worry? How about that thing we have been avoiding. Beloved, ALL these things are entirely insignificant in light of our great God. This does not necessarily belittle what we percieve to be important, it only emphasizes the magnitude of our God upon which whom we can cast all are cares for He cares for us. 

How great is our God? Unfathomably great, infinitely greater than the greatest of men, and man's achievements. Who holds the universe in perfect balance? Who intricately, and delicately fashions an infant within the womb? Who changes the nature of a man, replacing an insatiable appetite for evil with a relentless hunger and thirst for righteousness? How great is God who decided to dwell among us. How great is God who offers all of humanity everlasting life through faith in His son Jesus Christ who even when we were still sinners uninterested in relationship with our creator died so that we might live. How great is our God? Our God is all together great and worthy to be praised. 

Psalm 145:3 Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.


Feelings are far too fickle to follow. Trends are too... Trendy to trail. Things are constantly changing in and around us.  If you buy a new iPhone you may have to buy a new house for the sake of compatability since everything changes with each new model. We often lose interest in things just as quickly as we get excited about things, changing our minds as frequent as our clothes. Some change is good, other change is not. How will bathrooms in America look 5 years from today? What will public school curriculum in America teach in a few years? What about churches in America? What will they look like in the future? So many things changing but there is one thing that remains, and that is the love and truth of God revealed to us through the bible. The love of God, and the truth of God's word never changes, it never fails, it's always relevant, always necessary, always the anchor that keeps us grounded, and the wings that give us flight. Remember God's love and truth never change, we can count on The Lord through the highs and lows to be constant and steadfast, relentless in its stance, unwaivering. We can trust in The Lord. 

Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.