A Little Bit Of Salt

"A Little Bit of Salt" By Marina Mason 

women march2.jpg

A little bit of salt
A little bit of flavor
A little bit of light
To extend to my neighbor,

I saw a tapestry of women gather
In beautiful formation,
Eyes of little girls widened looking up in admiration,
All together walking and Marching across the nation,
What a sight!
What might!
A lighthouse shining amidst waves of trepidation,

At one time it was US who had no voice,
Living within the confines of no choice,
Integrity and strength continued and positioned us poised,
A beautiful song started to rise above the noise,

Shhh can you hear it?
The sound of justice ringing in the air...
Behold, can you see it?
Diamonds made from ashes everywhere,

Such urgency
Such strength
Such MUST ... But
What is Just?

Through the ages the songs have changed,
The seeking of justice has always remained,

Rights... equality... choice... health and strength,
The melody I hear today leaves one question to comprehend,

So many "shes" that we speak for
Going beyond where we're sent,
But what if that "she" is the girl in the womb who appears to be silent?

Does she have a voice too?
Is her heartbeat enough?
To sing the song of justice, is she thought of with love?
Help me understand - women speaking up for women...

When the future woman is growing, moving, smiling, waiting to be woven,
Into the beautiful tapestry so colorful and fine,
She too an important part of our Father's grand design.

-Sincerely with Love,

Marina Mason