My first Ebook!

My first ebook!

"Long Distance Discipleship" is a collection of 31 poems each accompanied by a biblical passage, and a personal prayer to serve as a daily devotional for disciples both near and far. My hope is that the poetry will invoke the imagination, the biblical passages anchor the soul, and the prayers uplift the spirit; that together the three (poem, passage, & prayer) by the Spirit of God will move the reading disciple to follow Jesus one day at a time. A few years ago when I worked in healthcare, I began writing poems for patients undergoing dialysis treatment to help them pass the time. Recently my brother in Christ Sergio, left home, family, and the local church to serve in the Military. His departure inspired and moved me to write as a way to continue the discipleship we were experiencing together. These poems were very much written with these in mind; the suffering soul, and the distant disciple. Both of which we all are in some shape or form at one time or another in our lives.

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Thank you in advance for the love and support.