Keep your eyes open


It's super important to try and stay aware and sensitive to what God may be doing in life- even in the seemingly mundane things. This morning I looked through a Barber shop window to see if there were any available barbers. When I didn't see any I started walking up the street then suddenly I heard someone call out to me. I turned and saw a guy who must of noticed me look through the window- he came out to welcome me back assuring me that the wait wouldn't be long. Really I wanted to say "No thank you" but- I sensed this might be a divine appointment so I returned. Turns out the brother is not only my new barber but more importantly a brother in Christ, a youth minister, and an artist like myself. How cool is that? We got so carried away in conversation that I left, and got all the way home before I realized that I forgot to pay him for my shape up! Fortunately the shop is near my house. Of course I went back and got that squared away. The moral of the story is pray and trust God to lead you- then be sure to keep your heart, eyes and ears open because He will. Check out my brother Prince Crown's music video here.