Randy mason #NOT62 at Brooklyn prospect high school health retreat

Randy Mason of Jesus Peace performs "NOT62" for 10th graders at the Brooklyn Prospect High School health retreat. "NOT62" is a rap that encourages people in the urban context to wake up and get healthy. The Bronx was recently ranked #62 out of 62 counties in a health ranking report. 

Here are the lyrics:

Got to kick the truth
we got lots to do
from the block to school
to the hospital
get up got to move
find who got the juice
we are living proof
not 62

I try to tell them what the Doc said/
they telling me what glamorized Wap said/
Nas said that Hip Hop's dead/
maybe because the community is not fed/
what it takes to make something that's live/
don't want it on the plate if it ain't something thats fried/
aint't willing to wait if we can't get it in five/
fast food is a fast way to die/
but we can be the wave that change the tide/
instead of saying goodbye before 65/
the pre-mature mortality rate is high/
and social inequality ain't a lie/
just take a look at the way they advertise/
in the hood nicotine is glamorized/
looking for a liquor store it ain't hard to find/
man, it's a full time job to stay alive

We had a great time presenting this fun and engaging Healthy Hip Hop presentation at the Brooklyn Prospect High School 10th grade health retreat. If you would like us to visit your youth group (school, prison, shelter, church, etc.) please email us at jesuspeaceministry@gmail.com We would love to. Thanks, and see you soon!