MUSIC VIDEO: Jesus Peace "Shooting Stars" Prod. By Daniel Steele

“Shooting Stars” is a song that we wish we never had to write. Once written, it became the song we decided not to release. Eventually, after many heated talks, much counsel, prayer, contemplation and debate, we recorded “Shooting Stars” late, and last. Today, “Shooting Stars” is the lead single off our debut EP “Somewhere Between Faith & Fear”.

Police brutality is unfortunately a subject that seems to be indefinitely relevant in many communities across the country, communities that resemble our own. Sonically, “Shooting Stars” is essentially Hip-Hop; a dope beat accentuating dope rhymes that reflect the current climate of Hip Hop and urban culture, as well as the culture at large. “Shooting Stars” is evocative, it’s passionate, and emotionally heavy.

Jesus Peace called on Humble Beast producer Daniel Steele to produce the song, and HB founder &  recording artist Bryan Braille Winchester to mix and master it. The outcome of a Jesus Peace Humble Beast effort is a unique Hip Hop sound that is sure to resonate with fans of both camps, as well as fresh ears alike..

“Shooting Stars” is not as much an emoji generator as it is a conversation starter. It’s the heart, view and voice of many pensive people put to a rhythm. There is pain, there is protest, there is healing and there is hope all wrapped up in a few minutes of intense personal and creative transparency. Where does the Church stand in all of this? How do we view these atrocities in light of biblical principles like justice, mercy, grace, and submission? In order to properly process such unfathomable injustices there needs to be open, honest dialogue. “Shooting Stars” provides an additional (because there are many more already in place) platform, and priming for such critical conversations to take place, and offers a much needed faith based perspective that heralds hope amidst the hurt.

Covering (sharing) this song and story doesn’t only support the efforts of Jesus Peace, but it can also help raise awareness and keep the conversation alive, which may subsequently help keep stars alive.

You can purchase  "Shooting Stars" here on iTunes (CLICK HERE) and view the music video below. Thank you for the love and support. God bless.

-Randy Mason - Jesus Peace

"Shooting Stars" is available on all digital music platforms. 

Artist: Jesus Peace

Song title: Shooting Stars

EP title: Somewhere Between Faith & Fear

Producer: Daniel Steele

Label: None