Thanks Keith!


I didn't intend on publishing a book initially. I only wrote out of the abundance of my heart. I printed copies of poems at work and gave them away. The poems sparked conversation and forged relationships that were meaningful and invigorating. My brother Keith was one of the first to read these poems, even when they were only in their infancy. He still has most of the original copies printed- with all the typos, bad grammar and half baked ideas. Keith has been a major influence, inspiration, and encouragement to me creatively, spiritually, and relationally, as a true and dear brother. He continues to challenge and encourage me to keep writing, and I intend to do just that by the grace of God. Thank you my brother. "Long Distance Discipleship" is a daily devotional featuring a collection of 31 poems each accompanied by a prayer and passage of scripture. The book is available in digital format and print on amazon, iBook, Barnes & Noble, Smash words, etc. Thanks in advance for joining the conversation and supporting our efforts. Also for your grace as we continue to live, learn, grow and go.