What is Truth?

“What is Truth”


Most people prefer a comforting lie over a challenging truth. The problem is that lies lead to destruction, and truth leads to life. People are not very fond of actual, literal, absolute truth. We are much more comfortable with vague, abstract theoretical half truths that don’t require much of a response on our part. In a world where everyone desires to be liked this presents quite the dilemma for those of us who know the actual, literal, dare I say absolute truth. Someone may ask, “How can you know truth?” Over two thousand years ago a powerful man of prominence and societal status in the most esteemed empire in the world at the time, Rome, asked a similar question. Pontius Pilate. A governor, who even with all the world’s knowledge and wisdom at his disposal, was so entrenched in a lifestyle of fallacy, fantasy, and outright lies that he, by his own admission, was totally oblivious to what truth was; even as it (or He) stared him square in the eyes. Truth? What is that? Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, totally unaware that he was actually standing face to face with him- Jesus- the actual, literal, absolute physical manifestation of truth.

Jesus, is the truth; and the truth will make you free, not necessarily make you friends. On the contrary, Jesus actually said “Woe to you, when everyone speaks well of you…What does woe mean? It means woe, like whoa! There's some serious trouble coming your way dude; I wouldn't want to be you. Herod the tetrarch enjoyed listening to John the Baptist preach. Yet John refused to compromise the truth. This resulted in John’s unjust imprisonment, and eventual execution sanctioned by Herod himself; a fickle fan of John the Baptist confronted with a challenging truth.

John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.