A Culture Of Confusion


The assembly was in confusion: Some were shouting one thing, some another. Most of the people did not even know why they were there.” Acts‬ ‭19:32‬ ‭ 

What's all the commotion?

Know where you are and why you are.

Many people do not truly and personally believe what they "believe," rather they passively subscribe to a general consensus formed by a few loud voices swaying the crowd around them.

Our inclination to impulsively regurgitate ignorant, ill informed, ideologies on social media is proof of our flaky and all together impersonal orthodoxy. Where do we as individuals stand in regards to the issues of the day?  Rarely do we take the necessary time to dig deep enough to discover the answer. It is much easier to change my profile pic in order to (shallowly) support a cause that all my other "friends" seem to be (passively) passionate about - then to learn, develop, and champion a biblically founded perspective about it.

There's a whole lot of commotion happening in our society today. There are many issues that require our careful attention. The voices and views speaking to them are without end. It is important that we know what we believe and why. Do not be intimidated by the raging riot of rhetoric, many people in the room have absolutely no idea what's going on. You can help lead and love them to understand the simple and profound truth of Jesus Christ if only you take the time to truly and personally know for yourself what you believe- or better yet WHO you believe.

Let's be sure to cut through all the noise today with the good news of Jesus.

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