30/30 Challenge 2017


Here's a blurb from a journal entry written Feb. 27, 2016 just a few weeks after completing the 30/30 prayer challenge in January 2016. 

"I realize my flesh relentlessly opposes all things Godly and is desperately in need of consistent humbling. You (God) are my sustenance. My fill. My satisfaction. My nourishment.  Thank you for your mercy and grace, and for this time of humbling, intimacy, cleansing, preparation and empowerment. Thank you for answering the urgent prayers and desires of our hearts that drown out the sound of our bodies aching bellies, murmuring minds, and prideful protests."

Essentially the 30/30 prayer challenge is intended to (through undistrubed intimacy with God) quiet our minds, ease our anxieties, focus our affections, realign our desires, discipline our bodies- mind and spirit, humble us, heal us, refresh and renew us, challenge, convict, correct and change us,  ultimately drawing us closer to God- so that we may hear and see Him more clearly, and walk with him in obedient worship.

Last year the challenge was fruitful- not only for me personally but for us as a church (Elements Church.) I believe this year will be even more fruitful. All are welcome to join. 

So... There are no rules to this challenge other than committing to 30 consecutive minutes of prayer a day for 30 consecutive days.

Does this mean that you have to fill 30 minutes with words, and or requests? Absolutely not! Spend some of the time in silence. Listen with your inner ear. Journal your prayers- write out your conversation with God. Talk to The Lord. Meditate on His word. Read a few scriptures and note what you believe God is communicating to you through the passage. Worship, sing. You'll be surprised how quick 30 minutes can be . You'll likely eventually want to extend the time. Once you are aware of the presence of the creator of the universe, and you learn that He is listening intently to your every word even those unspoken, and that He is speaking directly into the core of your being it will be difficult to do anything else. Nevertheless we must come out of our prayer closets and share that light and love with the world. This is a privilege and a pleasure- not to mention a biblical mandate. 

The 2017 30/30 prayer challenge begins Sunday October 1st. Please feel free to share your experience with us here, on social media or at Jesuspeaceministry@gmail.com

We'd love to hear how God is working in and through you in this coming season of prayer.  

Thanks and God bless. 


More on the 30/30 prayer challenge here including tips and link to gospel instrumental music: http://jesuspeace.org/blog/2016/12/29/3030-challenge