4th Grade Scholars in the South Bronx write a rap about Sonia Sotomayor


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Our 4th grade scholars at the Hip Hoppin' HeART afterschool program in the South Bronx wrote  a rap about Bronx Native Sonia Sotomayor inspired by a read aloud of the book "Sonia Sotomayor a judge grows in the Bronx" written by Jonah Winter Illustrated by Edel Rodriguez. Read their lyrics below. (This was part of a 45 min Hip Hoppin' HeART activity)

"Sonia Sotomayor wasn't always sure because she was poor/ so she studied more and more/ she blossomed and she bloomed/ like a moonflower in June/ she worked harder to be smarter/ she was not greedy, but she was needy and even had diabetes/ then she made it from the projects to Princeton college/ all because of her family's warm blanket of love/ and she became an amazing judge!"

Great job scholars!