A Fun, Interactive & Educational Hip-Hop Writing Workshop

In the beginning, Hip-Hop gave a voice to the vulnerable, recognition to the rejected, power to the poor, and family to the forgotten. A treasure born in tumultuous times, created a culture and community that today, is still perpetually expanding. Hip-Hop has become a universal language; an inclusive club that connects people from all demographics, nationalities, classes, and personalities. The heART of Hip-Hop beats for the people. Its platform has the power to promote positive change.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and encourage participants by unpacking the FUNdamentals of Hip-Hop and creative writing. Leading schools such as Harvard and Duke University recognize the educational value in Hip-Hop and its potential to transform our thinking. Our workshop also provides the opportunity and space for the learning and lending of what Hip-Hop has to offer.

Hip Hoppin' HeART employs the use of interactive, kinesthetic, and auditory learning through figurative language, poetry, improvisation, freestyle, creative thinking and writing. We aim to use bars to liberate, and to have fun in the process, equipping the youth not only with mic skills, but LIFE skills as well.


Hip Hoppin' HeART videos

Hip Hop artist & father of six, Randy Mason combines his passion, and experience to bring you

Mr. Hip Pop

(Hip Hop Education From a Dad's Perspective.)

Hear what the kids have to say about THE Hip Hoppin' HeART PROGRAM

ISLA Middle School Hip Hoppin' HeART review & song with Damion B. Sanders.  

BCSC Hip Hoppin' HeART Medley With Randy (Mr. Hip Pop) Mason 




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