Jesus Peace is a NYC based Gospel hip-hop duo consisting of BAND MEMBERS Randy Mason and Damion B. Sanders.  The name "Jesus Peace" is a play on the term "Jesus Piece," which refers to the gaudy medallions depicting Jesus Christ's crucifixion worn by today's flashy mainstream rappers. The name Jesus Peace was chosen because of its relatability to the hip hop community and like a rapper's Jesus Piece on his chest, it makes a bold statement for Christ. 

Randy Mason is a Bronx native recording artist, poet, writer, educator, and minister. For years he has honed his innate skill both independently and collectively, performing locally and internationally. To Jesus Peace he brings Godly wisdom, a masterful flow, and a playfulness guaranteed to catch the ear and the tongue of today's hip-hop head.

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Damion B Sanders is a Brooklyn born emcee, writer, performance artist, and animator. He is a former battle rapper and poet who spent years in the underground poetry circuit. Damion adds to the group the wit of a battle rapper, the lyricism and word play of a poet and like Randy, the passion and knowledge of God's word.

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 The two got together and formed Jesus Peace out of their mourning passion for what hip-hop has become and desire to see Gospel Rap fill the void. Both Damion and Randy are 80's babies who have witnessed the height of hip-hop only to watch the creativity and the lyrical devices that made them fall in love with it, die out over the years. Being firm believers and lovers of God and hip-hop they aim to show the world that the goodness of hip-hop and the truth of God's word can coexist without compromise... Jesus peace was born.



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